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Bridge Inspection
As part of the biennial bridge inspection program, our staff have inspected more than 700 bridges in the Northeast Region, with a strong focus in New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. These bridges have varied from small, shortspan culvert type structures to complex long- span bridges, such as the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. In addition to the regular biennial and routine inspections, we also have performed in-depth inspections for the purpose of evaluating the structures for functionality and to identify and rectify any deterioration that may be present in the structures. We are familiar with the National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS) and the other guidelines, such as PONTIS used by NJDOT for their bridge inspection program.
2015-2016 Annual Inspections

SJH is providing inspections for seven (7) Toll Bridges and thirteen (13) Toll-Supported Bridges owned by the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission, as well as all associated facilities and grounds with each bridge. The biennial inspection program aims to recommend proper maintenance, ca... MORE >>

NBIS Routine Bridge Inspections

SJH has totaled approximately $4.3M in fees performing over 2,000 bridge inspections across New Jersey. Our inspectors have been working on NJDOT inspections since 2007, and are currently on 2 contracts for, “60 State Minor Bridges,” and “7 On and 47 Off System Bridges for Bu... MORE >>

Biennial Arterial Bridge Inspections, Region 11

We provided Bridge Inspection Services for the New York State Department of Transportation for Arterial Bridges in Brooklyn and Staten Island (Region 11).  The project involved the inspection of various bridge types in New York City. Bridge inspections have included post-tensioned concret... MORE >>

Biennial and Interim Bridge Inspection, Region 2

We performed biennial and interim inspections of 270 bridges in Region 2, New York. Our team inspected and photographed all elements of the bridges. We measured readings along the fascia, abutments/piers, and undermining beneath the bridges. The bridges and the various elements were rated acco... MORE >>

Inspection and Rating of 26 On & 23 Off-System Cumberland County Owned Bridges, Group 06A8

Under this contract, we inspected forty-nine (49) bridges in Cumberland County as part of NJDOT’s Routine Bridge Inspection Program. The bridges were of various configurations, including steel, concrete, arch structures, and spanned over roadways, waterways and railroads.

... MORE >>