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Restoration of Long Island City Yard
Project Owner :
     MTA Long Island Rail Road
Location :
     New York
Client(s) :
     MTA Long Island Rail Road
     Subconsultant to Gannett Fleming
Services :
     Structural Engineering
     Geotechnical Engineering
     Cost Estimating
Project Name   
Restoration of Long Island City Yard

Project Description

This project represents the last phase of mitigations and improvements to the Long Island City (LIC) Yard, which originally began in the mid-1990’s. After experiencing significant damage during Super Storm Sandy, the LIRR elected to add mitigation measures in addition to the previously planned improvements. The scope of work for this restoration consists of the upgrade of 100% designs for yard improvements, including removal of contaminated soil, drainage, track, third rail, service platforms, and yard utilities. New design elements include restoration and recovery efforts, integrated mitigations and resiliency, and stand-alone mitigation elements. 


As a subconsultant to Gannett Fleming, SJH is providing services for Task #10, Flood Reduction Perimeter Wall. The subsurface exploration work involved conformed to applicable ASTM Standards. Utilizing existing plans and schedules, coordination with LIRR, and SJH field reconnaissance, our team determined final locations of test borings. SJH coordinated drilling subcontractor mobilization, provided on-site management presence during equipment movement, and provided observation and documentation of test pit operations. The field log, photographic documentation, and obstruction measurements include description of soils in accordance with USCS soil classification system (ASTM D 2488). Special attention was given to preserve and protect existing waterproofing on the adjacent building structures. The deliverables submitted on this task include the final CADD documents of subsurface exploration and the summary of test pit findings report.


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