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Facility Condition Surveys, LaGuardia Airport
Project Owner :
     Port Authority of New York & New Jersey
Location :
     New York
Client(s) :
     Port Authority of New York & New Jersey
     Subconsultant to Gannett Fleming
Services :
     Building Conditions Survey
Project Name   
Facility Condition Surveys, LaGuardia Airport

Project Description

As a subconsultant to Gannett Fleming, SJH participated in inspections of four different buildings at LaGuardia Airport. Under the first task order, SJH provided a condition survey of the deck of the Central Terminal Parking Garage to determine the overall conditions of parking decks and helical ramps, identify structural and non-structural deficiencies, identify potential safety hazards, and develop recommendations for correcting deficiencies found.  We assisted the team with inspection of the ramps that included framing, and top side and underside of floor slabs.


Under a second task order, SJH provided field inspections of LGA Buildings 7, 7A and 7B (Hangar 7). We assisted the team in a complete visual inspection of all structural and architectural elements including structural framing, floor slabs, roof structures, gypsum roof planks, ceilings and visible foundations.


Photographic documentation of the condition of all elements was provided in conjunction with written documentation of all inspection findings. Inspection reports were prepared in accordance with all PANY&NJ procedures and requirements, conclusions, and recommendations of repair.  Priority, Routine and Safety Repairs were issued as appropriate.


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