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2015-2016 Annual Inspections
Project Owner :
     Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission
Location :
     Pennsylvania, New Jersey
Client(s) :
     Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission
     Subconsultant to Cherry, Weber & Associates
Services :
     Bridge Engineering
     Bridge Conditions Inspections
     Building Conditions Survey
Project Name   
2015-2016 Annual Inspections

Project Description

SJH is providing inspections for seven (7) Toll Bridges and thirteen (13) Toll-Supported Bridges owned by the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission, as well as all associated facilities and grounds with each bridge. The biennial inspection program aims to recommend proper maintenance, capital program projects, and upgrades / replacements to equipment. In addition to conducting NBIS inspections, our team is responsible for collecting element level bridge inspection data, identifying fracture critical bridges, and performing in-depth inspections of fracture critical members. Other structures inspected include approach roadways and highways, toll plazas, entrance plazas, overpasses, underpasses, sign structures, and administration, service, shelter, and storage buildings.

The project involves updating of PennDOT BMS2 data files and NJDOT SI&A sheets based on findings. Following inspections, our team will develop reports noting observed deficiencies, containing photographic documentation of conditions, and summarizing recommendations for repair. 

Project Images