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NBIS Routine Bridge Inspections
Project Owner :
     New Jersey Department of Transportation
Location :
     New Jersey
Client(s) :
     New Jersey Department of Transportation
Services :
     Bridge Engineering
     Bridge Conditions Inspections
Project Name   
NBIS Routine Bridge Inspections

Project Description

SJH has totaled approximately $4.3M in fees performing over 2,000 bridge inspections across New Jersey. Our inspectors have been working on NJDOT inspections since 2007, and are currently on 2 contracts for, “60 State Minor Bridges,” and “7 On and 47 Off System Bridges for Burlington County”. In 2014 alone, SJH successfully completed 7 NJDOT bridge inspection contracts, and served as Prime Consultant on 6 of the contracts. The bridges have ranged from multi steel girder multi span bridges, to prestressed concrete bridges, and bridges of other configuration such as arches, frames and trusses and spanned over waterways, roadways, and railroads. The inspections were conducted as per NBIS specifications, met AASHTO, members were rated as per the Federal Coding Guide, and the team followed FHA coding guides.


Inspections concentrated on various structural elements, including superstructure primary and secondary members, concrete decking, substructure elements, abutments, piers, and other safety features such as the guiderails, and barriers. Inspection equipment has included regular extension ladders, to manlifts and high reach equipment such as a UB60.


Inspections are also based on NBIS Standards, and our inspectors complete all required SI&A forms and PONTIS codes. We have inspected 7 groups of bridges biennially on two cycles. For identified deficiencies, depending on the severity of the deficiency, Priority Reports of differing levels are developed. The reports include repair recommendations with order of magnitude cost estimates.


Several recent representative examples and the date of completion are listed below:

  • 60 State Owned Minor Bridges – L14B (Ongoing)
  • 7 On and 47 Off Burlington County Bridges – 03E2 (Ongoing)
  • 43 On and 32 Off Morris County Bridges – 14A1 (8/2014)
  • 99 State Owned Minor Bridges – XL3A (7/2014)
  • 59 State Owned Minor Bridges – ST1A (4/2014)
  • 48 On and 2 Off System Camden County Bridges – 04C1 (4/2014)
  • 2 On and 74 Off Hunterdon County Bridges – 10F1 (4/2014)
  • 41 On and 4 Off System State Owned Bridges –STOD (3/2014)
  • 44 On and 2 Off System State Owned Bridges –STOK (7/2013)
  • 48 On and 2 Off Gloucester County Bridges – 04C1 (4/2012)

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