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Route 18 Northbound Resurfacing Project Milepost 5.5 to...
Project Owner :
     New Jersey Department of Transportation
Location :
     Monmouth County, NJ
Client(s) :
     New Jersey Department of Transportation
Services :
     Transportation Engineering
Project Name   
Route 18 Northbound Resurfacing Project Milepost 5.5 to 11.3

Project Description

For this $3.7 million federally funded pavement resurfacing project, SJH is providing engineering services for the pavement evaluation and final design of Route 18 NB, from North of Route 138 to South of Deal Road between Milepost 5.5 to 11.3, which consist of two 12-foot travel lanes, a 3-foot left shoulder and a 12-foot right shoulder on the mainline roadway, and 6 on/off ramps. SJH prepared complete contract plans including construction plans, traffic control plans, striping plans and miscellaneous bridge repair details, cost estimates and specifications.

The existing pavement issues include joint deterioration, longitudinal cracks that are sometimes raveled, top-down cracking, low-severity block cracking in isolated areas, and several transverse cracking areas. The right shoulder also exhibits transverse cracking and low-severity longitudinal cracking. The pavement recommendation for this work is to mill 2 inches and overlay 2 inches on Route 18 with HMA 12.5 M 64 surface course. Spalls on bridge decks will be patched with concrete and settled/deteriorated compression seal in the deck joints will be resealed with hot poured asphalt. Guide rail elements that have been deemed substandard will also be upgraded as part of the roadway resurfacing effort. One lane of traffic will be maintained at night time in a two-stage construction effort utilizing the resurfaced shoulder as travel lane.

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