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Route 46 at Hollywood Avenue
Project Owner :
     New Jersey Department of Transportation
Location :
     Fairfield, Essex County, New Jersey
Client(s) :
     New Jersey Department of Transportation
     Subconsultant to IH Engineers, P.C.
Services :
     Construction Inspection
Project Name   
Route 46 at Hollywood Avenue

Project Description

The scope of this $15 million project includes the realignment of Route 46 entrance and exit ramps; the reconstruction and widening of Hollywood Avenue; the construction of three new signalized intersections; the construction of retention basins; extensive utility relocations including telephone, gas, water and sanitary sewer; maintenance and protection of traffic; pedestrian safety and control; guide rail installation; retaining wall construction; drainage installations; and  sidewalk, curb, paving and landscaping.  

We provided field inspection personnel so the project  complys with NJDOT specifications and contract documents. In addition, we assisted with review of contractor provided construction schedules.

Project Images