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Croton Falls Pumping Station
Project Owner :
     NYC Department of Environmental Protection
Location :
     Westchester, New York
Client(s) :
     NYC Department of Environmental Protection
     Subconsultant to Gannett Fleming Malcolm Pirnie JV
Services :
     Structural Engineering
Project Name   
Croton Falls Pumping Station

Project Description

The Croton Falls Pumping Station is a new two-story building to house pumps and other equipment as part of the Cross River and Croton Falls Pumping Stations and Related Facilities Improvement Project. The proposed Pumping Station is a 14,000 square foot building, located on the Delaware Aqueduct, Shaft 11.  The proposed design features six (6) pumps at the Pump Room level with Electrical and Control Rooms at the same level.  Mechanical Equipment is located on the mezzanine level.  The steel frame building features an exterior masonry veneer.  In order to maintain a consistent appearance and conform to the general architectural appearance of other NYCDEP Pumping Stations, the roof is designed with slopes in all four directions, ridges and skylights. Roof trusses of various geometries were developed to match the existing roof configuration. 

We provided structural design services for the Pumping Station building. The structural steel frame was modeled in STAAD and analyzed.  The design was based on the New York State / City Building Code, with most stringent clauses. Bracing was strategically position at select bays to avoid conflicts with window placement. Curved steel lintels span over the windows.  Due to the roof geometry, the facility contains long span steel roof trusses with complicated connections to steel roof members.  A girder, designed below the roof level, supports the crane used to hoist pump equipment. 

Project Images