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Sprint Recycling Facility
Project Owner :
     ATC Real Estate Development Corporation
Location :
     Newark, New Jersey
Client(s) :
     ATC Real Estate Development Corporation
Services :
     Structural Engineering
Project Name   
Sprint Recycling Facility

Project Description

This project involved the evaluation of an existing 18,000-square-foot industrial building and the conversion of the building into a Recycling Facility.  The existing building consisted of steel portal frames with skylight windows, openings for doors, and concrete floor.  The steel columns were supported by stacked spread footings. In order to meet the recycling needs, the door openings were widened and a portion of the interior steel bracing was removed to allow the accommodation conveyor belts and systems. We designed the concrete footings and trenches for the machinery and the conveyor belt systems in the recycling plant. 

In order to establish the existing conditions, as the plans of the existing building were not available, we visited the site and measured all dimensions and steel framing configurations. The steel connection details were developed as sketches for the preparation of detailed drawing. Based on these measurements, base plans for the building were prepared.

The steel frames were analyzed in existing and modified (proposed) conditions. Structural analysis was based on the loadings by ASCE 7-05 and the IBC -2006 Code, NJ Edition. Based on these analyses, strengthening details, were developed.  Due to the removal of some partition walls, additional steel bracing was installed.  The exterior brick masonry was repointed and cracks stitched.

Project Images