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Bridge Deck Repairs and Resurfacing Milepost 0 to 122, ...
Project Owner :
     New Jersey Turnpike Authority
Location :
     Subconsultant to Jacobs
Client(s) :
     New Jersey Turnpike Authority
     Subconsultant to Jacobs
Services :
     Construction Inspection
Project Name   
Bridge Deck Repairs and Resurfacing Milepost 0 to 122, Pearl Harbor Memorial Turnpike and Hudson Bay Extension

Project Description

This contract consisted of work between Mile 0 and Mile 122, the Pearl Harbor Memorial Turnpike Extension and the Newark Bay-Hudson County Extension on the New Jersey Turnpike. The inspection team was involved in the monitoring of lane shifts and nightly lane closings and traffic detours; selective replacement of complete deck panels bound by stringers and diaphragms; partial depth concrete spall repairs; joint header, abutment headblock and joint riser bar replacements and repairs; armor joint modifications; joint seal installations and replacements; safety walk, parapet and curb surface repairs with provisions for temporary electrical lighting service; replacement and reconstruction of drainage inlets; pressure grouting on approach slabs; removal and replacement of existing asphalt wearing surface with a new membrane/asphalt system substructure; concrete spall repairs, repairs to tilted, loose and defective bearings; replacement of sliding plate, rocker and fixed type bearings with laminated elastomeric bearings; repairs to structural steel; substructure waterproofing; repairs to prestessed concrete beams; and sign structure foundation repair. Work also required installation of a concrete construction barrier, and other incidental work on the New Jersey Turnpike. 

Project Images